SGCH Redwood Hills Lance Jamila 5*M


SS: ++*B SGCH Milar Farm Royal Image     DS: +*B Hoach's Remebrance

S: ++*B SG Tempo Aquila Freelance     D: SGCH Redwood Hills RememberJambalya 4*M

SD: GCH des-Ruhigestelle Free Thinker     DD: Redwood Hills Sequoia Jambalay 3*M

Linear Appraisal
2-03 VG 89 EVEE
3-03 EX 90 VEVE
5-03 EX 91 VEEE
Awards/Show Record

3X Grand Champion
1st/2U 2009 ADGA National Show
1st/1U 2009 Sonoma County Fair
2009 All-American Three Year Old
2009 ADGA Top Ten for Butterfat (#4)
2nd/2U 2015 Sonoma County Fair

          1-10  305  3260  116F    96P
322  3410  121F  100P
2-11  305  3760  150F  105P
645  6850  274F  197P
4-10  305  3200  115F    88P
359  3480  127F    97P
6-09  305  3470  122F    92P
672  6040  216F  166P
8-09  305  3365  112F    92P
537  4950  173F  137P
In Progress
Life:  2535  24,730  911F  697P





Jamila has been a pleasure to work with. While making a splash on the show circuit winning her class at the 2009 Nationals, it is in the dairy that she has truly shined. Jamila has a very steady lactation curve, strong components, and has been able to milk through for us on more than one occasion. She, like most does of this line, is a very sweet goat always capturing your attention.

The first thing that you notice about Jamila is her incredible rear udder. It is extremely high and wide, with a beautiful medial suspensory ligament and teat placement. In addition Jamila is extremely level across the topline, and correct in her feet and legs. She has a strong head with a very broad muzzle, and overall balance.

Jamila freshened as a 9 year old in the spring of 2015 looking great!  So we decided why not take her to our local REDGA show to see if we could get her finished.  Much to our pleasure, she easily finished her championship that weekend!


Breeding Plan:       Buck:     Due Date:    Price:         Reservations:        Status:  MILK THROUGH