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Please send all kid deposits to:
Scott Bice
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Thank you for your interest in Alpine, Saanen, and Nubian breeding stock from Redwood Hill Farm and Companeros Dairy Goats, which are owned by Jennifer Bice.   Redwood Hill Farm is also the home of Vineyard View LaManchas and Saanens owned by Scott Bice and Sartyr Saanens owned by Steve Considine. Since the beginning, the goal of Redwood Hill Farm has always been to achieve “the winning combination of milkability and showability”.

alpine dairy herd 2015 VV Lamancha dairy herd 2015 nubian dairy herd 2015  

      2015 Alpine Dairy Herd           2015 LaMancha Dairy Herd           2015 Nubian Dairy Herd

saanen dairy herd 2015        Zooloo15       Vana15

2015 Vineyard View Dairy Herd   2015 Alpine Res. National CH  2015 Saanen Res. National CH

 Redwood Hill Farm began in 1968 when my parents, Kenneth and Cynthia Bice moved their growing family from southern CA to Sebastopol, CA. Moving to country property from suburbia, all of us Bice children began 4-H and began acquiring animals of all sorts. Most of us had dairy goats as a project since the goats, by their very nature, are engaging and smart. Soon the number of goats evolved to quite a large herd and the Grade A Goat Dairy was built to supply raw goat milk in bottles to the new “health” food stores springing up in the late 60s.

As the Bice children were growing up, having other interests rather than animals, and moving away, I kept my herd of dairy goats while in college and business school. In the 1970s, Steven Schack and I began to go to goat shows together and in 1978 officially started our business together. Steven had his own Companeros Dairy Goat Herd
of Saanens, LaManchas, and a few Alpines and Toggenburgs. I had Alpines, Nubians, and LaManchas at the time. The Grade A Goat Dairy was rented from the Bice parents, we comingled our herds, and the production of commercial products was started.

1978 to 1998 was a fabulous, fun filled time in our lives with dairy goats. Growing our business and promoting the health and deliciousness of goat products to the American public was exciting and challenging. Our herd continued to evolve and improve, winning our first Premier Breeder of Show award at the National Show in 1982 . Then again in 1984 and 1986.

Sadly, Steven was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and died in 1999. To honor his memory, I maintain the Companeros herd name for our Saanens, his favorite breed.

Today, Redwood Hill Farm & Creamery also produces award winning goat milk products: artisan cheese, goat milk yogurt, and goat milk kefir in our state-of-the-art creamery. Our goat milk products are sold nationwide in health and natural food stores, specialty stores, and on our web site.

Being a commercial dairy, milk production is very important to us. We are on DHIR test and our rolling herd average is 2727 pounds. We also participate in all of the other ADGA performance programs for herd improvement. We show extensively and participate at the ADGA National Show whenever possible. We have been honored to have continued success at the National Show level winning Premier Breeder of Show in 2010 and 2012.

I would like to personally thank and acknowledge the Redwood Hill Farm management team. Farm Manager is my brother Scott Bice, Farm Leads are Krista Myers and Gergana Karabelov. Rounding out the farm team is Pedro Lopez, and Margarita Ortega. We are very happy with our new breeders website and would like to thank Trinity Smith Malmanis for the arduous task of putting it all together. Although not an on site employee, we are very fortunate to have Trinity as our breeder site webmaster, as well as handling advertising for the herd.

I am excited with this year’s breedings, and am confident that breeding stock from our herd will excel in any herd. Please contact Farm manager Scott, if you would like to discuss possible additions to your herd and which animals might best meet your own herd goals. I wish you the best of success and we look forward to hearing from you.